Confederate Navy Air Force
The United States Civil War is one of the most extensively studied events in all U.S.
history.  Numerous historians and scholars have devoted their entire careers to
documenting the chronology of events, the minute details of individual battles, and the
details of the lives of those who lived and died in the conflict that divided our nation
against itself so early in it's existence. It would be easy to conclude that very little of
the history of this era
has been overlooked.                                                              
The recent discovery
of top level
Confederate military
documents has
revealed that the
Confederate Navy had
undertaken a secret
project that may well
have turned the
course of the war by
means of aerial
attacks, carried out by
biplanes launched
from sail powered
aircraft carriers. A
prototype of such a
craft was built, as were several of the attendant biplanes. To date, one photograph has
been recovered of the prototype aircraft carrier, clearly showing two biplanes in the
process of launching from the deck of the ship. According to the accompanying
documents, this photo was taken from a hot air balloon in the vicinity of the launch.
Restoration of other related documents continues, and it is hoped that they will reveal
further details of the secret program, including the location of the test site and the
ultimate fate of the craft.