This is my bike
It’s a 2009 Honda Rebel 250. Some consider a 250 to be just a learner’s bike, and
not big enough for “serious” riding. If I were to ride coast to coast or some such, I
would probably want a larger bike for the smoother ride, and more luggage
capacity. For my purposes, this bike does just fine. It’ll go faster than I ever need it
to, and it’s easy on gas. Riding on the highway at 70 or so is exhilarating. I’ve
done some customizing: saddlebags, sissy bar, luggage rack, and windshield. I
also customized an old seat. It turned out to be more of a project than I had
originally anticipated, and the results were mixed. The modifications I made work
fine, but after riding on it for awhile I’ve decided that the original padding I built up
from is too hard. Seat Mod Round II should be happening soon. I had to buy a
sewing machine and learn how to use it in order to make the cover. Pictures of the
process can be found
Pictures of the installation of my 15 tooth front sprocket can be found