Jonesboro Dig
History of the site
 A house has concealed the site of the Jonesboro dig since 1956. Prior to that, it is known to
have been regularly visited by members of an agrarian culture indigenous to the area. There
may have been hominid activity at the location before then, but specifics of this are not known
at the time of this writing. Research continues into the anthropological background of the area.
 The dig did not start as an archaeological expedition, but rather as something much more
mundane. It was not until hours after the dig began that the ultimate direction the project would
take was apparent. Early in the excavation evidence was uncovered that beings not unlike
modern humans had been at the site, and that the site itself probably was part of a large
community. Possibly a metropolis of sorts in it’s time. The earliest digging revealed that there
had been modern conveniences such as plumbing, and even electrical service. It is hoped that
a thorough exploration of the target area, and examination of the excavated soil will answer
many questions thus far left to speculation.
 Environmental considerations
Every effort will be made to preserve the nature of the site, and to impact it’s current use as
little as possible. Toward that end, the excavation detritus will be relocated to areas of like
materials on the adjacent land, and an environmental impact study has determined there will be
no long-term impact on the natural environment. No opposition from the E.P.A. or other
environmental entities is anticipated.
Of course, a project such as this is not feasible without financial backing. There are requisite
expenses associated with the dig itself, as well as the costs of procuring and occupying the
land. While current funding is expected to maintain work on the project in the short term,
donations from individuals, government agencies, and foundations will be needed to ensure
completion. The target amount to be raised over the course of the project is currently
$122,000.00.  Donations of any amount are accepted. PayPal welcome. Please consult your
tax specialist as to whether any donation may be deductible in your particular circumstances.